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Production Personalisation Wholesale
International clients request "San Michele Arcangelo" 's  Italian religious articles
for events, shops openings, supply, favours for Baptisms, Holy Communions, Weddings and many other occasions
San Michele Arcangelo founded by
Alberto Cristobal Liuzzi and his wife Vivi Liuzzi always guided by their strong Faith.
A Family dedicated to evangelization also through
the religious articles that our company produces, elaborates, personalizes, sells wholesale and distributes worldwide
unique made in Italy quality.
Online from the very beginning
When worldwide and especially in Italy, Internet was something new, almost a mistery, the founders of
"San Michele Arcangelo"Articoli religiosi, regali e souvenir (religious articles, gifts and souvenirs)
Alberto Cristobal Liuzzi  and
his wife Vivi Liuzzi
had already launched online & internationally San Michele Arcangelo's website being the first in Italy.

Worldwide shipping
San Michele Arcangelo's clients
from any Country order Italian religious articles, gifts and souvenirs also personalised ones
being sure of receving them worldwide by express courier.
We are expert in International shippings.
We ship to any Country (for instance to UK and any European Country or to the United States,
Mexico, Canada, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc.)

So since then religious congregations, parishes, shops, companies, privates have been able of reaching Rome, Italy and
feeling closer to the Vatican See and receving in a few days our beautiful Made in Italy religious articles
without leaving their Country.
Our made in Italy religious articles

Hand painted religious icons  worldwide shipping from Rome, Italy
Exclusive selection of  hand painted religious icons  dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Archangels, Saints, Bible Scenes

Personalised Italian religious articles made in Italy
Medals, rosaries, pictures, icons, decenaries and othe personalized gifts

Crosses and Crucifixes Made in Italy
Made in Italy evergreen Italian quality made of metal, silver, wood and other materials

Italian Catholic religious medals from Italy worldwide deliveries
Extraordinary quality: made in Italy Miraculous Medals, Saint Benedict, Divine Mercy and many other medals of metal, of silver, golden

Italian religious bracelets & decenaries from Europe to the World
Made of  bohemian crystal, rose scented, of olive wood and made of many other excellent materials

Rome, Italy, Vatican, Pope Souvenirs  Worldwide shipping
From Italy we propose Rome, St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, Italian souvenirs

Made in Italy religious articles mixed models
Of our wonderful quality: keyholders, holy water bottles and other religious articles

Made in Italy Catholic Rosaries high quality
Made in Italy, Made in Europe beautiful rosaries of bohemian crystal, of pewter, of glass, made of authentic petals of roses, wooden, rose scented, of olive wood and much more...also personalized Catholic rosaries

Religious statues Made in Italy, of course!
Italian religious statues of resin, of ceramic, hand painted of the highest Italian quality
also unbreakable religious statues

Made in Italy Holy water bottles delivered worldwide
of glass or of plastic also personalized ones
Religious articles, gifts and souvenirs with the image of Pope Francis
Worldwide shipping of rosaries, medals, magnets and other religious products dedicated to the Holy Father Pope Francis
Religious Dyptiques, tryptiques, pictures made in Italy
Images of high Italian quality, worldwide delivery
Every Sunday at 12
Take part to the Prayer chain created by  Alberto Cristobal Liuzzi in 2000 for the first time worldwide via internet
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How to buy online- Italian religious articles San Michele Arcangelo exclusive catalogue eand receive my order of religious articles, gifts, souvenirs,
favours in Rome, in Italy or abroad?
Very Important
Who can buy on our online catalogue?
The religious articles shown on our online catalogue can be purchased by:
shop owners, store managers, companies, Parishes, religious Institutions, Schools, Universities, Priest and Nuns, Congregations, privates who but wholesale quantities etc.  
No purchase obligation
Online Registration
Register online requesting a free estimation/quotation. Do it easily online. Our staff will reply to youin about 24 working hours with our best offer accoring to quantities and models.
No purchase obligation
Request a quotation
To access to our best prices follow these easy steps: add your favourite products to our online cart, choose quantities, models, colours, add a note to your request of estimation and finally send your request of quotation. Our staff will send you our best offer. We will reply to you in your language.
It's quick and easy.
Access to our best prices
Special sales, Wholesale prices
After having received your request we will send you a quotation. If you agree you can confirm your order. We ship worldwide.
Where to buy Italian religious articles, gifts and souvenirs
at prices for resellers, Institutions, Companies or
if I am a private who buys in quantity?
How and what to buy?
Made in Italy rosary, medal, rosary case, hand painted icons, bracelets, crosses, production and wholesale
Answers to your questions

Do I have to register online to access to the special discounted prices of  San Michele Arcangel's online catalogue? >

May I immediately access to San Michele Arcangelo's prices?>

I need personalized religious articles for an event. Do you personalize your products?>

Do you send your religious articles abroad? >

I would like to open a new religious articles store may I order to your the Italian religious articles I need? Are you able of sending my order in time for the opening day? >

Is there a minimum purchase to access to your prices?  >
Contact San Michele Arcangelo di Liuzzi Y.V.

To access to our best prices for Italian religious articles, first quality European religious articles (medals, rosaries, crosses, pictures, hand painted icons etc.), if you are a reseller, if you are a shop manager, if you contact us from a religious Institution, a school, a parish, a Congregation, a Company or if you are a private who buys wholesale quantities you can request for free an estimation (with no purchase obligation). If you have any question write us in English (or in French, Italian, Spanish or German):



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